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Geospatial Solutions for our changing world

End to End Solutions

End to End Solutions

Kîsik offers an end-to-end solution that covers understanding the project is an all-in-one service that ensures that clients receive the highest quality geospatial data that is accurate, reliable, and tailored to their specific needs. Kîsik end-to-end solution services can help clients save time and resources by offering a comprehensive solution that includes understanding the client’s project, developing a project plan, data acquisition, processing, analysis, and product delivery. All of these services are provided by experienced professionals to meet the specific needs of the client.


Understanding Project Goals
Kîsik works collaboratively with our clients to determine the project prioritization and balance workflow efficiencies with data delivery priorities. Every project starts with a kickoff meeting to confirm project needs and boundaries, then determine if there is additional value our team can provide.


Developing a Project Management Plan
Kîsik develops a thorough project assessment and logistics plan that includes key contacts, roles and responsibilities, and protocols. Close coordination with clients and local service providers assure that safety is foremost in our work plans. We proactively address specific site access logistics and safety needs for challenging areas.


Acquiring Data
We are experts at acquiring data. Obtaining high quality data requires understanding the specific environmental conditions of the project area as well as patience and proactivity to execute acquisition effectively. We monitor weather conditions closely and keep in contact with our clients to adapt to changing conditions and devise solutions. Once collected, all data is assessed for completeness and quality.


Processing Data
Kîsik has significant processing capabilities and experience with a wide range of LiDAR and digital imagery services for various industries to create all the project deliverables. The Kîsik processing team understands the importance of the quality of geospatial products, and they are very familiar with existing geospatial standards such as ASPRS, USGS, and the British Columbia LiDAR standard.


Putting your Data to Work
We specialize in delivering data solutions that are ready to work with your programs and applications, including ArcGIS, PLS-CADD, Autodesk, Bentley or any GIS software specified by the client. We stand behind the quality of our deliverables and work in partnership with our clients to create thorough solutions.