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Gyro Mount

Gyro Mount
Pitch, roll and yaw angles present a constant challenge for aerial photography, geospatial data acquisition and surveillance. The solution – Gyro Stabilization Mounts, which drastically reduce the movements of airborne sensor systems. The three axes gimbals compensate arbitrary vehicle movements in all three axes. Somag’s leading edge technology allows a high resolution image quality and more flying time at lower costs. Take control of the vibrations and movements of the aircraft and benefit from high quality aerial imagery.
Many projects require at least 25% additional overlap to accommodate missed data due to aircraft movements. By having the best availably gyro technology on our aircraft Kîsik is able to ensure correct overlap which in turn provides savings to our customers.

Left: Without stabilization (distorted borders)
Right: With stabilization (straight borders)

Left: Without stabilization (blur)

Right: With stabilization (no blur)

Kîsik uses GSM4000 on all of our sensors. This not only provides your project with the absolute best technology in efficiency but also ensures that aircraft dynamics are minimized to ensure your data is of the highest quality.