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Geospatial Solutions for our changing world


At Kisik, we are a leading provider of comprehensive services in the fields of Transmission Lines, LiDAR Technology, and Vegetation Management. Our team of experts is committed to delivering innovative and sustainable solutions to meet the evolving needs of the energy and infrastructure industries. With years of experience and a passion for cutting-edge technologies, we take pride in being a trusted partner for our clients

PLS-CADD Services:

PLS CADD is a versatile software package that empowers transmission line designers in crafting efficient and cost-effective designs. It incorporates a comprehensive array of tools, encompassing line routing, pole and anchor selection, conductor analysis, sag and tension calculations, conductor fatigue analysis, terrain analysis, and more. Moreover, PLS CADD boasts a potent optimization engine, ensuring designs meet safety and cost requirements.


PLS-CADD Design: We utilize PLS-CADD, a powerful software used in the design and analysis of overhead transmission lines, to create efficient and reliable designs that adhere to industry standards and regulations.


PLS-CADD Optimization: Our experts can optimize existing transmission line designs, making them more cost-effective and environmentally friendly.


Once the 3D network model is acquired for various weather scenarios, it becomes feasible to implement distinct safety distances and vegetation analyses, leading to precise reports for each specific situation.


Vegetation Management​:

Vegetation management within the corridors of overhead transmission and distribution lines has remained a prominent subject within our industry. However, it has now surged to the forefront of our concerns due to the escalating impact and scale of seasonal storms and wildfires.


Enhance Reliability and Safety with Our Cutting-Edge PLS-CADD Services for Vegetation Management

At Kisik, we take pride in offering comprehensive and innovative vegetation management solutions using the state-of-the-art PLS-CADD software. As a leading provider of utility services, we understand the critical role vegetation management plays in ensuring the reliability and safety of overhead transmission and distribution lines.


Why Choose PLS-CADD for Vegetation Management?

PLS-CADD is a powerful and widely recognized software in the utility industry, known for its precision and efficiency in analyzing and designing power line systems. When it comes to vegetation management, PLS-CADD excels in identifying potential clearance issues and optimizing the necessary trimming and pruning schedules.


Accurate Analysis for Optimal Clearance:

Our skilled team of engineers and technicians leverage the capabilities of PLS-CADD to conduct highly accurate analyses of power line corridors. By factoring in variables such as line sag, wire tension, and

terrain data, we can precisely identify areas where vegetation may encroach upon power lines, creating potential safety hazards or compromising power system reliability.


Customized Solutions for Your Needs:

We understand that each utility project is unique, and our services are tailored to meet the specific requirements of our clients. Whether you operate a small distribution network or manage a large-scale

transmission system, we have the expertise and tools to deliver customized vegetation management plans that align with your operational goals and budget.

Partner with Us for Reliable Vegetation Management:

With Kisik ,you gain a trusted partner dedicated to enhancing the reliability and safety of your power line systems. Our PLS-CADD services for vegetation management ensure that your infrastructure remains resilient against the challenges posed by surrounding vegetation, reducing downtime, and enhancing overall system performance.

Figure 1- PLS-CADD plan & profile drawing showing grow-in and falling tree violations.

Thermal Rating Analysis:

Through our GIS services, we provide expertise and consultation on acquisition technology, specifications, accuracy and resolution, and data products for your specific utility application. Kîsik can provide LiDAR data that is fully compatible with PLS-CADD software.