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Geospatial Solutions for our changing world


Kîsik offers geospatial solutions for virtually any sector requiring them.

We survey then transform all the data into usable information tailored to meet your needs. We carefully consider our technology choice and design your survey to achieve the highest level of data quality. Our entire pipeline from acquisition through production and delivery are accomplished in-house by our professional team. Forestry / Environmental Because of this, we can provide the highest level of service and support providing our clients with the solutions they can count on.


LiDAR data can be used for crop growth and health is closely monitored in Precision Farming in order to minimize the use of fertilizers or irrigation. Airborne laser scanning data enable to observe plant growth
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Engineering & Construction

LiDAR is quickly establishing itself as a critical technology for civil engineering firms around the world. This technology provides valuable information for the design of new urban and rural roadways and railways.
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Kîsik has developed a unique suite of analytics using lidar point cloud, hyperspectral or imagery collection to provide essential forest information over large areas thus reducing the amount of time and resources typically dedicated to a traditional field-based inventory.
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Airborne LiDAR data can provide high accuracy horizontal and vertical ground information form of 3D point clouds.
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Natural Disaster Management

Kîsik has experience with emergency projects involving wide area flooding and landslides. We have the ability to dispatch at a moment's notice to support any emergency that may require detailed imagery or LiDAR acquisition.
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Airborne LiDAR technology has a wide range of applications in the oil and gas industry, including pipeline inspection and monitoring.
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Urban Planning & Development

Airborne LiDAR is a cutting-edge technology for mapping objects on the Earth's surface, which is very beneficial for urban mapping.
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Kîsik has developed a suite of analytics using lidar point cloud in combination with our imagery collection to provide essential information large corridors.
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